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Two of the most popular kinds of makeup today are airbrush makeup and regular makeup. The techniques vary slightly, but both techniques leave the bride looking no less than a glam doll on her wedding day. So what does airbrush makeup mean? And how different is it from regular makeup?

Airbrush Makeup:

  • In bridal airbrush makeup, experts use an airbrush gun, air compressor and a special airbrush foundation, which is silicone or water based. The foundation used is thinner than the normal liquid foundation as it has to pass through an airbrush gun. The beautician sprays a very fine mist on your skin with gentle air pressure using the air compressor. Thus airbrush makeup is lighter on the skin in comparison to traditional makeup that can make you feel heavier!

  • On proper application, an even and consistent foundation spreads across your skin, covers up blemishes and leaves you looking no less than a Greek goddess! Airbrush makeup also blends in well while evening out the imperfections of your skin. Moreover, as it is lightweight, your skin can breathe and you can brag of a natural and polished look. Since airbrush makeup involves the spraying of just a little foundation and makeup, you look more natural, and the artist can then highlight your best features such as the eyes or lips.

  • Airbrush is no better or worse than any other form of makeup. The final result depends on the makeup artist. A heavy-handed artist can ruin the whole look by using airbrush makeup tools to build up a heavy coverage. It is therefore important that you do not give your face to an amateur to experiment with, especially if you are dressing up for an occasion.

  • An airbrush makeup bridal look can indeed make you look glamorous, flawless, and stunning; like a show-stopper! No more worrying about makeup that cakes up and makes your face look painted! The cherry on the icing is that airbrush makeup does not stain your clothing and stays on for longer than traditional makeup. Interestingly, airbrush makeup is waterproof and does not fade off until you wash it.


What are the benefits of using airbrush makeup?

  • Above all, airbrush makeup is popular because it gives a flawless finish in person and in photographs. This is because the fine mist that comes from the airgun will not “cake” on your face the way that traditional creams and powders do.

  • Without this “caking” effect, airbrush makeup also tends to be more natural looking. Often, your natural skin will show through the makeup, which gives the impression that you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. Talk about a bonus!

  • The beauty of airbrush makeup also comes from the fact that it doesn’t wear off easily, and if applied correctly, it will last much longer than traditional makeup. In some cases, airbrush makeup can last at least eight hours, sometimes as much as twelve to twenty-four hours.

  • More importantly for emotional occasions like weddings, the airbrush makeup tends to be much more waterproof than traditional makeup. Tears, hugs, sweat, and humidity are no match for this magical makeup!

  • For wedding parties, airbrush makeup is also a great option because it doesn’t take very long for a trained MUA to apply it. This means that big wedding parties do not need to budget as much time for a makeup session as they would if they were using only traditional makeup.

Does airbrush makeup have any cons?

Like many things, airbrush has a couple flaws. If you have an excess amount of facial hair (peach fuzz) airbrush may not be a great option. The fine mist will pick up fine hairs like morning dew on a hot summer day. It is also a bad option for anyone who has large pores or wrinkles. This is because the airbrush makeup will sink into pores or wrinkles, rather than sitting on top of them. Ultimately, this will only draw attention to these and other blemishes, which is the exact opposite of what you are looking for when you want to look flawless.


Another thing to consider, once airbrush is on, it's on. Blending the product is not an option. Why? Silicone-based airbrush acts as a protective barrier over the skin. Meaning, the product will not absorb into the skin (which is why it is non-comedogenic). By blending or adding product over airbrush it will break down the bond and create a splotchy look. 

How do I take the airbrush makeup off?

Your normal wash routine will break down  the product. 

Traditional Makeup


  • The foundation can be liquid, powder or cream based and can be applied using a sponge, duo fibre brush or foundation brush. 

  • Traditional makeup provides a fuller coverage as compared to airbrushing.  Traditional foundation is available in a range of formulations. Some are for covering blemishes and eliminating the imperfection finish on the skin.  Once professionally done, it gives a glowing finish that the airbrush cannot give.

  • Traditional makeup is able to withstand extreme heat and rain.  To stand up to these demands requires professional prep and finishing touches.   A primer, a sealer and a setting spray should be able to give a lasting look like an airbrush does.

  • The foundation is generally thicker in consistency and overuse can result in makeup that cakes up with time.

  • Unlike airbrush makeup, traditional makeup is not waterproof and it tends to rub off on clothing. You will probably need occasional touch-ups throughout the evening. However, with a professionally trained Lustre Chic artist, even traditional makeup can make you look radiant and beautiful.

  • If you love traditional makeup, definitely stick with it. Traditional makeup is great for blending multiple products together. The workability allows you to work the product into the skin and effortlessly blend blush, bronzer, and highlight. When done properly traditional makeup can offer an amazing dewy, real skin finish or a full matte finish that can be touched up at any time!



What are the benefits of traditional makeup?

Ultimately, traditional makeup is a fantastic option for many women because it can be used in a variety of ways, making it the most versatile of the two options. It is also extremely easy to apply, and you will be able to fix your makeup throughout a big event without needing a lot of experience. Traditional makeup is also more economical for many women because it just isn’t nearly as expensive as airbrush makeup sessions. Traditional makeup is also better for women with pores, wrinkles, and other blemishes because it will sit on these features and mask them. As mentioned before, airbrushed makeup will sink into pores and wrinkles, which will ultimately draw more attention to them than the skillful way that traditional makeup can hide these same features.

Bridal Makeup Advice

With all the information that has been given in this article, it is clear just how difficult it can be to choose what makeup technique will be best for your wedding day. On the surface, it seems that airbrush makeup is the obvious winner. Airbrush makeup is long-lasting, natural-looking, water- and smudge-proof, and it looks great in photographs. However, once you start to look at the details, you might realize that traditional makeup is exactly what you are looking for.


Expert makeup artists encourage brides to consider who their makeup artist is when deciding what kind of makeup to do for their wedding day. While airbrush makeup may seem magical, some makeup artists will be able to have a lot more control to contour your face and truly highlight your natural beauty by using traditional methods. These experts also have a few tricks up their sleeves as far as knowing how to make traditional makeup last longer.

Makeup for Acne-Prone Skin

Sometimes skin blemishes like acne, discoloration, or scarring can be overly distracting, and many women want to cover these marks for special occasions. However, trying to cover any of these marks can lead to a thick, heavy coating of makeup on your face, which will only draw attention to the areas you want to hide. Using airbrush makeup for covering acne-prone skin will probably be best. The reason is that covering blemishes can take several layers of makeup, and using a fine mist like airbrush makeup will lead to the lighter, less “caked on” look that many women are looking for.

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