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Open Internal Positions

When inquiring, Please include your availability and if you have any experience with Salesforce CRM, Square, DocuSign or Google Calendar & Google Drive.


Also include any relevant experience in the beauty or wedding industry. 

Seeking a detailed oriented person to respond to daily leads that come in through Wedding Wire & The Knot. These leads should be responded to within 10-15 minutes ideally, and then inputted into Salesforce which is the CRM we use. 

We get leads from other platforms as well (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Website, Phone etc) Those would all also need to be responded to in a timely professional manner and imputed into salesforce.

These are expected to  be followed up with and nurtured on a weekly and monthly basis until we can get them to convert into a booked client. 

*****This position does not have set hours. We cannot predict when new leads are going to come in. Sometimes 10 new leads will come in on any given day. Then the following day no new leads. Sometimes they come in at 9am, sometimes they come in at 11pm. We are looking for someone that has the flexibility to jump in and respond to leads when they become available.

Follow up work can be done during your own free time.

Once a client is ready to book, then we need to coordinate with available artists. first we find out which local artists are free to accept the job on the wedding date, and then schedule a trial for a date that works best for all 3 people (the artists & the bride). This part can be a little daunting, and there is sometimes a lot of back and forth that takes place trying to figure out dates. 


Once a date is finalized, Certain fields in salesforce need to be updated for automated emails to go out. The client needs to be added to Square appointments for their trial appointment. And a Invoice for their trial needs to be created.


Then on Google Calendar, The artists get an invite of all the trial details (when, where, and any important notes)

Any changes or updates to appointments will go through the bridal scheduler

The bridal scheduler will also confirm al appointments on the calendar.

The bridal planner's role would be to follow up with the client  after the trial. She would send the client the retainer invoice to hold the wedding date, as well as the DocuSign contract. The planner will stay in touch with the bride throughout the entire process until she gets married. She will make sure any proof of insurance that is needed for the Venue gets sent out. She will coordinate with the wedding planner and photographer to get timelines sent out 1-2 months prior to the wedding date. She will keep the artists calendar invites up to date with accurate information. She will ensure every wedding has enough time to complete the requested services, and get additional artists if need. 

Seeking someone who can keep up a consistent daily scheduling system. Currently we use Loomy. We schedule a post once a day. I have thousands and thousands of pictures to be used. I just don't have the time to go on and schedule them all the time. I am looking to bring someone on that can really nature this project and bring our social to the next level 

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