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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Vero Beach Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial

wedding hair and makeup trial

The wedding hair and makeup trial was born from the need, or better yet, the anxiety all brides experience, not knowing what their final look will be on the most special day of their lives. It is made to give brides certainty they will feel comfortable, calm and confident on their wedding day. After all, they have not waited months to look and feel awful and dissatisfied just because of a lack of planning, thinking that a trial was an unnecessary expense and a useless waste of time.

To reassure you that a Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup trial is something you must do before your big ‘I do’, we give you the ultimate guide to make the most of your beauty trial. Let us convince you that those numbers you see (as in time and money) hide talented and skilful artists who provide good service, tons of patience, and magical brush strokes to fulfil every bride’s desire.

What is a wedding hair and makeup trial?

A hair and makeup preview before the big ‘yes’ is a process where the bride meets with her chosen Vero Beach wedding makeup artist and hairdresser to try different styles and options for her ultimate bridal look.

When it comes to hairstyle, this meeting is about working together with the artists to discuss personal taste, wedding dress style, face shape, and hair type. After covering all the details and exploring various options, the hairdresser starts doing their magic and styles your hair as it should look on your wedding day. This is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse of your final look and maybe dare to experiment with different styles. You never know - sometimes, the options you didn’t even take into consideration might be the ones that suit you best!

As for the makeup trial, it basically consists of defining shades, textures, skin type, dress style, hairdo, and, of course, personal preferences. They are the perfect excuse to meet your Vero Beach wedding makeup artist before the celebration to get to know each other and reach an agreement on the most suitable look after carefully considering all discussions.

Your Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup trial will, firstly, allow you to meet the person or the team who will leave you looking more stunning than ever and help you find the most suitable look.

Why have a wedding hair and makeup trial?

The crucial part of your bridal beauty preparations not only allows you to see the final look before the wedding to avoid unwanted outcomes but also to ensure that the hair and makeup style you have envisioned is right for you. By doing the trial, you will get a chance to see if the look you were striving for manages to highlight all your best features. 

On the other hand, the trial version of your Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup allows you to check if you are allergic to any of the products that are going to be applied and verify the endurance of the look. Additionally, meeting with your beauty artists before the big event will provide you with the opportunity to identify if you need to do some sort of treatment to hydrate your skin, scalp or hair to achieve perfect results. 

When should you schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial?

Although the best time to do the trial depends on the bride, the ideal time to schedule it is when you have defined all aspects of your total head-to-toe look. That is when you have a clear image (more or less) about the type of hairstyle you will wear, the accessories you want to include, the colour you want to incorporate in your look, and the style of your wedding dress you will have. 

However, in terms of the time of your Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup test, we advise you to schedule it between two and three months before the big event. Doing it in advance will allow you to do the necessary treatments to improve the quality and luminosity of your hair and skin so that you look more glowing than ever.

Vero beach hair stylists

Harmony between the hair and makeup

Another important aspect of the wedding hair and makeup trial is to provide a balance between both features. For example, if you opt for the loose and curly romantic hairstyle, you should match your makeup accordingly, keeping it soft and natural. By the way, if you are thinking about dying your hair before the wedding, you should definitely do it before your makeup trial. And if you are planning on wearing some of the trendy wedding veils, you should also try them with your hair and makeup on, or at least try on a similar garment to see how they look. The same goes for accessories, especially if they are a particular colour. Discuss everything with your Vero Beach hairstylist and makeup artist since these decisions are a big game-changer.

How to get the full benefit of your wedding hair and makeup trial?

When it comes to going to your chosen Vero Beach hair salon and makeup artist studio to try out your designed look, there are a series of considerations to have in mind that are key to guarantee success. Take notes!

  • Bring inspiration - Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we recommend sharing reference images of everything you consider relevant and inspiring for your Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup. That goes for all details: eye and lip makeup (colours, shadow finishes, outlines), skin finish (bright and shining or matte), and hairstyles (curly, straight, updo, braids, etc.). You have to come prepared with pictures of your wedding dress as well that show your neckline and overall style, as they greatly affect your hair and makeup look. It may be a good idea to bring several options and discuss all details with the artists.

  • Honesty is always the best policy - If you don't like something or don't feel comfortable during the wedding hair and makeup trial, say it. It is better to make adjustments during the test run than to be unhappy on the day of the celebration. At the end of the day, that is the whole point of the trial –  to look flawless and fabulous, just like you have imagined. It’s your day, and your opinions count the most.

  • Be real with the facts - The desire to wow everyone at the wedding and surprise them with a new look is not always achievable. Make sure to stay realistic about facts that cannot be altered. If you have naturally dark hair and want to experiment by going platinum, no Vero Beach hair stylists will give you the nod for those extreme changes. Instead, take advantage of your hair colour by creating texture, trying out chic updos, or brightening your look with some highlights. 

Vero beach wedding makeup artist

The same goes for the makeup. If you have a lighter complexion and insist on going dark when it comes to eyes and lips, your Vero Beach wedding makeup artist might suggest a more natural look. The best you can do is take your stylist’s word, as they have the expertise and experience to know a thing or two more than you do.

  • Stay open for different styles - Take advantage of this wedding hair and makeup trial to experiment with various options. Don’t dismiss your stylist’s ideas just because you have not thought of them before. They have years of practice and would not offer you options unless they think they are not good enough. Stay open to changes, consider other alternatives and reshape them to make them more personal so they fit right into your dream look.

  • Talk about your bridal outfit -  Share details about your dress, such as the neckline, style and fabric, so that you find the most coherent Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup look. This can influence the type of makeup and hairstyle that will work best with your dress. If you opt for a striking, sequin-enriched mermaid wedding dress, a more discrete hairstyle (without tiaras, headbands or large decorations) would be appropriate. The same applies to makeup – no shimmery finishes so that the dress stays focused and every other aspect balances the total look.

  • Take photos - See your result in photos and pose from different angles after the trial. It should give you a perspective on what you will look like on your wedding day without unpleasant surprises.

Every bride wants to shine like never before on her wedding day and avoid any unpleasant outcomes when it comes to her looks as much as possible. That is why, just like you have fittings for your wedding dress, you must find the time and funds to run a test for your Vero Beach wedding hair and makeup look.

Go through our blog to learn all hair and makeup beauty secrets that will make you glow like a goddess.

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