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Rebecca Alper


 I am a makeup artist in the South Florida area. All of my services are on location, so that means I travel to you!
I started out working at beauty salons as a receptionist for years. I was interested in the beauty industry so I decided to go to school where I became a licensed Esthetician in 2009. I had jobs here and there but wanted more of the spotlight. I saw MAC Cosmetics was having a job fair. Five hundred potential candidates entered and only fifty got picked. I was one of the fifty and I was so excited! Wow, working for a big name like MAC! It is a great company to start with and gives a great learning style that allows you to be ready for the real world. The brand has so many different shades to work with for any skin tone, and was very easy for me to follow what kind of makeup will bring out the best features in my beautiful clients!
I am based out of South Florida (Palm Beach County), but travel as needed. I work with any skin tone and age. My expertise is a wedding, beauty, special events, and some special effects makeup.



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