Oh My Gosh!!

Your Wedding Day is Finally here!!

Don't worry. We are going to give you EVERYTHING you need so you and your bridal party are prepared. That way, you can just sit back, drink mimosas and enjoy your super special day! 
  • Rule #1 Always make sure to schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial in advance (preferably at least 6 months in advance to make sure we have your date blocked out and booked just for you!). This will help ensure we have all of the details of how you want your makeup down pat! This will also help you relax the morning of your wedding so you won't have to be making any major decisions.


  • Makeup applications take approximately 30 minutes per person. We will help you set up a timeline. We will block out 45 minutes for the bride. Once you’ve determined the time when you need to be ready, we suggest working backward in 30-minute increments to determine an arrival time for your beauty team. For example, if you need to be ready by 3 PM and have six applications total, the start time would be 12 PM for makeup.


  • It is best for the bride to have her hair and makeup done toward the beginning or middle of the timeline as opposed to the very end. In the (highly unlikely) event that things are running a tad behind schedule, you don’t want your stylists rushing on the bride. Plus, if you wait until the end, the other vendors will be showing up (flowers, photographer etc.) This tends to get the bride's nerves worked up and make for an uneasy situation in the makeup chair. If you are hoping for some getting ready photos, the planned time slot for the bride’s hair and makeup doesn't need to coordinated with the arrival time of your photographer. We can always shoot some mock getting ready photos at the end. The day will continue to run smoothly and the photos won’t be delayed.


  • Typically, we suggest having hair done first followed by makeup, but I wouldn’t let this stress you out too much! Truthfully, it really doesn’t matter which order you go in.


  • We always suggest having your bridesmaids or other family and friends arrive 10 minutes prior to their assigned time slot. This way, if things are running ahead, you can keep the ball rolling.


  • You are going to want to schedule the people in the bridal party that require the least amount of time to go last. For example, junior bridesmaids, flower girls, Mother of the bride or groom. We would suggest immediate bridal party first. Then the mother of the bride or groom (since the mother of the bride will be in the getting ready pictures) and then flower girls. They tend to be young and not like to sit still for makeup and hair or have a high tendency of messing up a hairstyle after complete. So we would do them last.


  • Arrive with dry hair. If possible, wash hair the day before (not the day of) as the oils will help your style hold better. Also, arrive with a clean face, without moisturizer. Your makeup artist will apply primer before your foundation.


  • The best and only touch up items you will need will be blotting sheets (blot, don't wipe), pressed powder, translucent or blot powder works best, and lip color, usually just gloss works fine. We use an all day lip color so gloss just to keep up the shine is usually all you will need.

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