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The morning before one of these events is one of the most stressful days of your high school experience.!
You've got to fit exfoliating, shaving, skincare, a manicure, pedicure, glam, and an extravagant hairdo into the teeny tiny window of time you get before you have to meet your friends for pictures.

quinceanera makeup and hair
quinceanera hair

Yeah, it's a lot. But trust me, when you show up to your event looking like a movie star, all that prep will be 100% worth it.

Now, when it comes to picking the perfect prom hairstyle, people with long hair need a little extra help – because we all know how long it takes to tame the mane. The trick is to find an elevated, but simple look that will compliment your dress, not take away from it. A towering top knot, loose waves, a trailing ponytail with an accent clip – all perfect options for long hair that will serve glamour all night long. Right up ahead, see that and more genius prom hair ideas.

It's the day you've been planning with your best friends for years! Everything needs to be perfect ! Your dress, your hair, your makeup!

Everyone wants to look picture-perfect on this night, and that means stand out makeup!


 The ideal look should both complement your outfit and make your best features shine. For the more daring, this is a fantastic occasion to go big, bold and creative. Think complex, Instagram-worthy eyes and dramatic lips.


For others, it’s all about taking their everyday aesthetic to the next level, turning a fresh, casual look into a glowing finish worthy of a formal occasion. Whatever your style, dress colour, eyes or skin tone, there’s a stunning makeup look for you.

quinceanera makeup
prom hair
prom makeup
makeup for quinceanera
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