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Booking Policies + Common Questions

We know wedding planning can be overwhelming! There are many details that need to be perfect. We took the guess work out of the process and helped answered some of our most common questions for you! Because who really has time to go back & forth with emails trying to figure all this stuff out!

  • When is my Invoice due?
    Wedding Day Invoices are due Seven (7) days prior to the wedding date. Wedding Day Invoice are due Seven (7) days prior to the wedding date and will be charged to the card provided on file at the time of signing your contract. Trial novices are due on the date of the trial.
  • Why is the Bride More Expensive than the Bridal Party?
    We reserve an hour for the bride to make sure every little detail and finishing touch is in place so you look flawless and picture-perfect for those memories that are going to last you a lifetime.
  • Does your Rates include Tips?
    20% Gratuity is automatically added on all invoices.
  • What forms of Payment are Accepted?
    Payment is only accepted in the form of credit/debit, or Apple Pay, via our Square Invoices Artists do not accept payment directly under any circumstances unless it is for additional gratuity.
  • Can all my Bridesmaids Pay Separately?
    Our goal on your wedding day is to have the day run as smoothly as possible. In an effort to cut down on confusion and chaos on your wedding day, we have found it much more efficient to accept payment prior to the day of services. We have also found through years of experience, that it is more efficient to accept one form of payment, rather than multiple forms of payment. If your bridesmaids are all paying separate, we suggest having them send you the money ahead of time. This saves a lot of confusion on the morning of the wedding when everyone is running around trying to get ready, dressed, and make it out the door in time to take pictures. Because of this, only one payment is allowed from the client who signs the contract.
  • How Do I Reserve My Wedding Date?
    Wedding Dates are reserved and held only with a non-refundable/ non transferable $100 retainer. Retainers can be refundable with a 90-day cancellation notice. The retainer is to secure the date of your wedding and does not go towards your wedding day invoice. After your trial, if you are happy with your services, we will send you a bridal contract to look over. In some cases, when the bride lives out of state, or if the trial is booked out months ahead of time, we can send you the contract & retainer information first. Once we receive the contract back signed, with your $100 retainer, your date is officially booked! We do not hold dates until the contract & retainer information is completed. .
  • What Is The Retainer Used For?
    The retainer is to secure the date of your wedding and does NOT go towards your wedding day invoice. Once the retainer is received the artists will block off that time slot for your wedding and not take additional jobs during that time slot. The retainer is refundable only if you cancel up to 90 days prior to your wedding. Under 90 days, the retainer becomes Non-Refundable. The retainer is also an administrative fee that goes to the concierge for the time spent coordinating & booking the wedding (Ex: going over pricing, answering emails, calls, texts, questions, scheduling trials, coordinating timelines, communicating with the artists, venue, planners, photographers - etc). Months of planning and preparation are involved to make your wedding morning run without skipping a beat, so that fee goes to helping us manage all that effectively and efficiently with experienced staff and the proper software systems in place to make it all run smoothly.
  • Do you have a Minimum Requirement to Book?
    We require a minimum of three services to schedule a wedding day or weekend event. This means a minimum of three hair services or three makeup services to schedule a dedicated makeup artist or a dedicated hairstylist. Flower Girl services are not included.
  • Do you charge any sort of Travel Fee’s?
    At Lustre Chic we have a team of over 50 professional Hair & Make-up artists including areas such as West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Aventura, Coral Gables, Orlando, Tampa, and the Treasure Coast. We try our best to find an artist that is as close to you as possible to avoid adding travel fees. If an artist must travel over 30 miles round trip from their home location, a travel fee of $30 will be added. If an artist must travel over 60 miles round trip from their home location a $60 travel fee will be added. Each additional mile will be an additional $1 charge.
  • What locations in Florida do you offer wedding haira nd makeup services?
    Our team provides on-location mobile hair and makeup services across Florida, including areas such as West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Aventura, Coral Gables, Orlando, Tampa, Jupiter, Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Fort Pierce, Melbourne and more! We conveniently travel to our clients' events, including destination weddings, with minimum service requirements.
  • I live out of state & will not be in town before my wedding!
    Due to Florida being one of the top destination wedding spots in the US, we encounter this a lot! No need to worry! We can get your entire wedding booked virtually, via email, texts & video calls. Trials, even though they are recommended, are not necessary. We just request that you send us a picture of your current hair, and the way you want to wear your hair at the wedding, so we can see if you will need extensions prior to the wedding! We are here to walk you through every step of the way!
  • Can we try mutiple styles & looks on my Trial?
    YES!, But keep in mind, When a trial is booked, the artists are scheduled an hour for hair and an hour for makeup. The price of a trial is $125 per hairstyle and $125 per makeup look. If you would like to try out mutiple styles during your trial, please let us in advance so we can schedule extra time. This would also be an additional $100 per style or makeup look - similar to an hourly fee.
  • Do I really need a hair & makeup trial?
    Wedding makeup & hair trials allow you and the makeup or hair artist to not only be formally acquainted but also allow you to evaluate their professionalism, gauge their work, and test just how well you two vibe. Let’s face it, no one wants an unprofessional makeup artist who doesn’t get along with you or your party and does a shotty job on makeup. Instead of stressing about your exact look on your big day, booking a wedding trial gives you the freedom to tweak and perfect your final look BEFOREHAND. This means, figuring out if you need extensions to create the hairstyle you have been dreaming about, finding which false lashes (if any) work best for you, and how the makeup will last throughout the day (after the trial). Booking your makeup & hair trial gives you one less thing to worry about! Once you're through with your trial, everything is spelled out for the big day. This will give you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on other things.
  • Do you do Sunrise Weddings?
    Yes, we do! There is an extra charge of $150 per artist for any wedding starting before 7am. Anything starting before 4 am, there is a $300 fee per artist.
  • How many artists will I need on my wedding day?
    The majority of wedding parties will require 2 artists to complete the job. On occasion, a third will be added if the timeline is tight. When there is a larger wedding party and the timeline is also tight, we can add additional artists for an additional fee of $50 per artist. Lustre Chic will use their expertise to gauge how many artists the timeline and party will require to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. As an estimate, every 5 clients requires 1 artist but that can vary depending on time restrictions.
  • Can someone just get their eyes done?
    No. First and foremost, our concern on your wedding day is the longevity of your makeup and our skills and products used as a makeup artist. Simply put, we can’t guarantee the longevity of makeup we didn’t do – not just the product choice itself, but the way in which it is applied and set. If someone sits in our chair with makeup already on, We have to guess how well it’s going to hold up and whether or not our professional products will mesh well with what is already there. While this doesn’t necessarily spell disaster, it’s definitely not ideal. We also can’t predict the camera-readiness of makeup we didn’t do. Some products (and application styles) are either a poor color match or simply too shiny, sparkly, heavy, or dusty-dry to work well on high-definition cameras.
  • Can we bring our own Lashes?
    Absolutely, but the rate of $15 stays the same for us to apply them. Our rates are based upon the artist traveling to your location and their time for the service, not just the product alone.
  • What is the difference between airbrush & traditional makeup?
    Two of the most popular kinds of makeup today are airbrush makeup and regular makeup. The techniques vary slightly, but both techniques leave the bride looking no less than a beauty queen on her wedding day. So, what does airbrush makeup mean? And how different is it from regular makeup? There is benefits & disadvantages to both. More than we could summarize in a few sentences, so we wrote a whole blog about it to better help you understand.
  • What time are we going to start?
    Once we get your completed contract back with the requested headcount, our next step is to work with your photographers, venue, planner and other vendors to ensure we are all coordinated and can can create a perfect timeline for you. We usually do timelines about 1 month prior to the wedding, because by then the photographers usually have their timelines made up. Our timelines are always going to go based on what time everyone needs to be ready by.
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