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How to coordinate your bridal makeup with your wedding color palette

Your wedding colour palette ensures a harmonious and cohesive look on your special day. The tones you choose for your wedding will be incorporated into various aspects of the event, including the invitations, the floral arrangements, the decor, and the bridal makeup and attire.

Keeping to a colour palette will tie all of these elements together, which will help you express your personal style and set the tone for your wedding.

For example, a palette of soft pastels creates a romantic and elegant atmosphere, while a palette of bold, vibrant colours allows your playful and energetic side to come to life! However, now more than ever, brides are choosing to incorporate their preferred colour scheme into their bridal makeup as well! This allows myriad creative possibilities, which further guarantees a timeless flow of your special celebration. With that said, we are bringing a few ways where you could implement your palette into your glam look!

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Implementing the wedding colour palette in your makeup

Here are a few ideas for coordinating your bridal makeup with your wedding colour palette:

  1. Choose a lipstick or lip gloss in a shade that matches the colours in your palette. For example, if your palette includes shades of crimson or bloodred, you could choose pink lipstick to match.

  2. Use eye shadow in colours that complement your palette. For instance, if your palette includes shades of blue, you could use the same tone combined with metallic silver or gold eye shadow to add some sparkle.

  3. For a more daring look, use a coloured liner or mascara that fits your palette. Since lavender is all the rave now and finds itself in many celebrations, you could go for a plum-coloured liner to make your eyes pop!

  4. Be playful with your makeup by adding some coloured hair accessories or jewellery that match your palette. Let’s say your palette includes shades of green – a pair of emerald earrings will guarantee a fully cohesive look!

  5. Bold hues set the tone for an extravagant look! For example, if your palette includes shades of yellow, you can use a bright yellow eyeshadow to create a dauntless statement.

Remember to keep your overall theme and the wedding colour palette of your event in mind when choosing your makeup. It's also a good idea to do a trial run with your Florida makeup artist to ensure that your look is exactly what you want on your big day. 

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Other important aspects of your bridal makeup

Your makeup artist should guarantee that everything is applied in a way that looks good in photographs, with careful attention to lighting and camera angles. Also, you want to be sure that the makeup will be long-lasting. The look that perfectly matches your wedding colour palette should also withstand tears and sweat and last throughout the celebration.

Our team of experts all agree that bridal makeup aims to enhance the bride's natural beauty and create a cohesive look that complements her attire and matches the wedding theme. If you are looking for a Florida makeup artist, contact us to learn how we can accomplish this for your perfect wedding look!

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