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The Best Wedding Makeup For Blue, Green, and Brown-eyed Brides from a Delray Beach wedding makeup artist

Choosing a makeup look for the biggest day of your life is an incredibly personal affair. So, once you have locked in the venue and location and chosen your favourite attire while addressing an endless array of details, it is time to define your beauty approach as the final step. Whether you have planned an extravagant celebration or an intimate affair, picking a bridal look you will feel good about for years to come is essential. As Delray Beach wedding makeup artists, we feel bridal makeup should be timeless and accentuate well with your natural beauty. Knowing your options is always the best bet to perfect the look. 

makeup for blue eyes

If you are ready to curate a unique bridal beauty look, here are the essential tips to walk through for blue, green, and brown-eyed brides.

Blue-eyed brides

If you are one of the rare beautiful women blessed with gorgeous blue eyes, then you definitely need to flaunt them on the big day. You can make your blue eyes look stunning with the right eye shadow, liner, and mascara. If you are unsure of the right wedding makeup in Delray Beach, we are here to help you.

  • Eyebrows

The best way to dazzle your eyes is to define your eyebrows well. Therefore, choose a colour close to your natural hair colour. For the same, you can use a brow pencil to define and then use powder to fill them well. Your eyebrows will help frame your eyes beautifully and instantly draw attention.

  • Eye Shadow

When you use a contrasting eyeshadow colour such as bronze or brown, you let your blue eyes stand out. Keep the strongest colour along the lash line and then fade it as you move it outwards towards the crease. If you strive for boldness, you can use an orange colour palette. You should also avoid using traditional smoky wedding makeup ideas as they can overshadow the colour of your eyes. Typically, turquoise and cobalt are the most recommended colours for blue eyes. Whatever colour you choose, try finding a matte eyeshadow, as it won't reflect light, and your eyes won't appear too shiny.

  • Liner and lashes

Usually, most brides opt for black mascara, but if you want your blue eyes to pop, you should try using brown mascara instead of black. It's because the brown colour contrast highlights your eyes well and makes the colour stand out. As Delray Beach wedding makeup artists, we recommend using waterproof mascara to ensure your look remains smudge-proof. Use long, thick lashes and apply at least two coats of mascara to draw attention to your eyes and a fuller look. Always ensure using an eyelash curler before applying the first coat of mascara.

Talking about the eyeliner for blue eyes, you can choose black as the night colour. The super dark liner will help bring blue hues to your eyes.


Brown eyes make for beautiful colours, but they can be challenging to work with, especially on momentous occasions such as these. As wedding makeup ideas are all about the small details, we prefer to pick looks that compliment your dress and make it pop. A variety of natural makeup styles for brown eyes can help you easily pull off the gorgeous look.

  • Natural Look

Natural makeup looks for brown eyes can be challenging as you need to balance the colour of your eyes with the rest of your skin tone. Therefore, you must avoid harsh shadows on the lids if you have darker skin. Instead, you should try to use bronzer or soft cream shadows in neutral tones to create a more soothing effect. However, if you have fair skin, you can consider wearing all-over shimmer eye shadow or adding glitter to the lid. Don't forget to add liner, as it will help accentuate your eyes while drawing attention away from them.

  • Soft makeup

The best part about soft makeup is that it can easily be paired with any wedding theme. It's a wonderful option to keep it simple and classy. All you need to do is use a simple brown shadow and add a touch of mascara for extra pop. When it comes to makeup, avoid going overboard and have simple, soft looks for brown eyes. For a natural look, you can apply a light layer of mascara and add eyeliner or brows in black or brown tones. 

  • Dramatic Looks

You can even try dramatic looks and pair them well with brown eyes. Bright lips in bold colours and dramatic eye makeup are great on all skin tones, but it comes strikingly beautiful if you have brown eyes. It helps stand out more easily than it would be in other colours. You can create soft, smokey eyes using dark brown colour as the base and black liner on the top. Your Delray Beach wedding makeup artist will give your eyes a dramatic effect without looking too harsh or overdone. Brides can opt for dramatic makeup looks for their beach or rustic/bohemian weddings.

  • Eye shadow:

How about the idea of wearing glitter makeup for brown eyes? You can apply a small portion of loose glitter to the top lash line and blend it well with an eyeliner or clean finger. 

  • Lips

For lips, you can use lip gloss over lipstick to help prevent colour spread when eating or drinking. If you wear lip gloss instead of lipstick, ensure the shade matches well and doesn't fade away. Always opt for something that is natural-looking.

  • Eye Liner

An eyeliner is the first thing everyone will notice. So, for brown eyes, brides should use a liner that matches their skin tone. For example, light skin and dark hair can opt for neutral brown. As an important point, the eyeliner should fit well with the facials and match the bride's personality. If you want a natural-looking eye, you can request your Delray Beach wedding makeup artists for a winged-shaped liner coming at the outer corner of the eye instead of a straight regular liner. 

Green-Eyed Brides

Green eyes are the world's rarest and most vibrant eye colour. They are so beautiful that they can easily make your appearance glow in seconds. Therefore, subtly capturing attention requires the right knowledge of colour combinations, especially regarding the wedding makeup of brides with green eyes. Before you are ready to think of the big day, it is essential to understand the makeup ideas for green eyes to plan yourself accordingly. To help you gain inspiration, here are some timeless ideas to make your eyes pop and look amazing.

  • Subtle Pink - One of the best things about eyes is their unique charm. If makeup is applied correctly, your guests can see different colour tones. So, to bring out the best of brightness, one of the best colours is pink. Why? Pink tones help green eyes look brighter regardless of your wedding attire, theme, etc. It also makes you look more vibrant and beautiful! You can opt for neutral and soft pinks like rose gold, blush or mauve. For an elegant look, the best pinks should be light and have a brown mixed in. If you wish to get more highlighted, try using shadow on your brow bone and add light dust on the cheeks with darker shades on the outer corners.

  • Purple - While brides love the smokey look, green-eyed ones wear it best. Although purple and green are contrasting colours, they look amazing in this captivating combination. It looks surreal if you are getting married during spring or summer. To ensure you look gorgeous, apply a purple shade with red undertones such as lavender and violet.

  • Gold - A combination of green eyes and gold is incredibly attractive. To do this effectively, you can use gold across the eyelids, on the inner and bridge of your nose. Add matte brown to your crease with a touch of mascara for a simple yet effective look.

  • Eyeliner

To highlight your eyes, bold eyeliner is excellent as it helps bring out the best of what you offer. With green eyes, you cannot go wrong with black or brown eyeliner. Trust your professional Delray Beach wedding makeup artists and let them create the final look. If you strive for subtlety, we recommend smokey eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. However, if you prefer eyeliner, you can opt for rich chocolate for a dash of warmth.

  • Cool grey

Cool grey shades can effortlessly create a dazzling wedding makeup look. If you have pale green eyes, it can make a gorgeous combination by adding light matte in your crease and just below the lash line to create a natural look. For a bold approach, you can add metallic silver covering the eyelid.

  • Blush on cheeks

Create a natural and gentle look with light pink blush on cheeks, nose and forehead. To help make your green eyes stand out, apply blusher and, on the top, add some light rose pink lipstick to keep the look refreshing.

  • Lipstick

Embrace the natural elements of your wedding with a pale look. You can add fresh-coloured lipstick and keep it minimal to let your eyes capture attention.

Additional Tips When Adding Makeup for Green Eyes

Prime the eyelids

Before adding eyeshadow or liner, prime them first. Add primer to have an even canvas for the makeup.

Using a colour wheel

If you struggle to find the best colour combination, a wheel can help! It makes it easy to find complementary tones and the right colour for the green eyes.


Always apply a light shade to the centre of the eyelid as it draws attention to the eyes.

Overall, there are many wedding makeup looks for green eyes, which differ based on the attention you want to draw. These tips allow your eyes to retain the focus, whether looking for a natural glow or a smokey appearance. You can experiment with blush, highlighter, and eye shadow to see what works best with your looks.

With this, we conclude the best makeup looks for the brides with blue, brown or green eyes. Nailing down bridal makeup can be tricky, so we recommend hiring professional Delray Beach wedding makeup artists who can give the best advice on the latest makeup trends that suit you while considering your features. Plenty of beauty salons in Delray Beach, Florida, offer exceptional service, so you can always rely on us!

We would love to help craft a gorgeous wedding makeup for Delray Beach on the most special day of your life.

For more inspiring articles or tips on wedding makeup ideas, don't forget to read through our blogs.

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