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20 Hair & Makeup Essentials You Need To Have in Your Bag on your Wedding Day from your Boca Raton Makeup Artist

20 Hair & Makeup Essentials You Need To Have in Your Bag on your Wedding Day from your Boca Raton Makeup Artist

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Congratulations on your wedding! Finally, the big day is arriving soon; everything has been well-planned and coordinated, and now you just need to look after yourself. Your wedding will be one of your life's most memorable days, and all eyes will be on you from the moment you wake up until the grand exit. Still, apart from your bridal attire and accessories, are you done finalising what essentials you need to carry on the big day? As Boca Raton wedding makeup artists who have worked with countless clients, we can say it is the most overlooked part. But trust us, what goes in the bridal makeup bag is a big decision that must be thought out well ahead of the day. Even if you are having your makeup professionally done, there are key elements you need to carry to look flawless. 

Based on our experience as Boca Raton wedding makeup artists, we’ll list the essentials you need to have by your side-

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Bridal Makeup Bag

Whether you are planning an extravagant or intimate celebration, your wedding is one of the most photographed days. Therefore, looking perfect and absolutely gorgeous is what every bride dreams of. Your makeup needs to be refreshing and touched up regularly as you go through a whirlwind of emotions. From happy, emotional tears during the ceremony to laughs while cake cutting or raising toast, your beauty will go through a myriad of emotions. 

With that in mind, you need to be able to touch up your bridal makeup without the help of your Boca Raton wedding makeup artist. For the same reason, planning and packing your bridal makeup bag is an absolute must. It doesn't have to be stylish or expensive, but one that contains everything you need for touch-ups. It will allow you or your bridal party to handle unexpected situations and will look after your comfort needs.

  • Lipstick

Your lipstick makes a perfect finishing touch to your wedding look. Whether you choose a tinted lip balm, hydrating gloss, or a matte finish, it will help topping up your look. As Boca Raton wedding makeup artists, we always recommend brides reapply it when they get into the car and before the key events from the day.

  • Eyeliner

Don't forget to carry eyeliner. In essence, it will be a lifesaver for any eye touch-ups. Plus, it is a must for defining your eyes well and making them look beautiful in photos and videos. Having an elaborate wing or cat eyes is not required, and just the lining is okay to make all the difference. You can choose a waterproof liner, and that will be all.

  • Hair spray

Whether you have planned for an updo or want to keep your hair loose, hair sprays are a must to keep your hair in place. You can carry a salon-quality spray that combines strong hold well.

  • Concealer

Concealer is the bride's best friend, and why not? Whether you have perfect skin that just needs colour correction or dark under-eye circles, a good quality, long-lasting concealer will help brighten up your look. Keeping a concealer is always handy for on-the-spot emergencies.

  • Perfume

One of the thoughtful touches is refreshing your signature scent throughout the celebrations. That said, keep a perfume close so you can quickly dab on pulse points when the fragrance starts fading. You can choose a sentimental fragrance to make you feel romantic and elegant.

  • Mints

Carrying a few slim breath mints can also be a lifesaver. Why? It can help you quickly freshen up your breath right after drinking, eating or sharing kisses and hugs during the wedding. Also, in between all the hugs, congratulations and wishes, you will find some time to sit down, relax and refuel. You can tuck a pack in your makeup bag or have it with your bridesmaid if needed. It will help keep things refreshed without disrupting the flow.

  • Blotting Paper/Powder

As Boca Raton wedding makeup artists,  we always recommend our brides carry a pack of blotting paper. It is important for the touch-ups you need - one pack is enough and can easily be carried in your bag. A quick dab will help lift excess oil without smudging your makeup. After this, you can set off your oily skin with finishing powder, and you are good to go. We suggest you use the same powder as your makeup artist applied while you were getting ready. Pop a compact version in your bag and relax, knowing it is there just in case you need it. 

  • Mirror

A compact mirror is all you need to check your makeup and fix the touch-ups throughout the celebration. It ensures you can give your look a quick refresh when needed. We therefore recommend carrying a slim, elegant mirror as it won't occupy much space in your bag. A compact, slim size would fit in easily and greatly help.

  • Scissors

Small folding scissors are great for snipping away all the loose threads on your gown or cutting off the tags. Just carrying one pair of scissors is more than enough, and you can quickly get rid of the threads bothering you.

  • Setting spray

Are you worried about your bridal glow or the makeup fading away by the time it is evening? Worry not! Setting sprays are there to help you. They come in different skin types, so you can choose the one that fits well with your skin and can help lock the bridal look into place. It can be reapplied throughout the day to boost the skin and give you an energising feel.

  • Stain remover

One of the most dreadful thoughts is spilling wine on your beautiful gown. To help deal with this unexpected encounter, you may carry stain removers, which can easily wipe off the smudges or spills from the wedding dress.

  • Bandages

These are excellent choices to include in your bag to protect you against painful blisters from wedding shoes. Trust us; these are going to be of great help!

  • Tissues

Your wedding is an emotional day, so tears are to be expected. But don't let them ruin the gorgeous look your Boca Raton wedding makeup artist has worked so hard for. Bring a tissue pack with you and be ready to bear with all the emotions the big day has in store.

  • Night lipstick

Night lipsticks are small enough to easily fit in the bag, so pack one or two. This is because many brides like to change their look from day to night. So, this can be subtly done by changing the lipsticks. You can try keeping things fresh and natural during the day and go for bolder and deeper shades for fun celebrations in the evening.

  • Waterproof mascara

Whether you are looking for bold eyes or dazzling lashes, you can always achieve it with waterproof mascara. Whatever style you choose, just ensure it is tear-proof so you won't have to worry about runny makeup.

  • Primer

No matter whether you or an expert has applied your makeup, you should always keep a primer handy. Before you apply it, use a moisturiser. Also, a better idea is to give your skin a facial the night before to make it look gorgeous and glowing. 

  • Lip Balm

Often, lipsticks can dry out your lips over a long day. So, to help solve the problem quickly, keep lip balm. You can try a rosy colour to give a similar match, just like your lipstick. Also, keeping it similar to your lipstick won't affect the look so much - talk about convenience!

  • Tweezers

Unexpected hair or even a splinter can throw off your looks on the wedding day. After all, no bride wants to walk down the aisle with a rouge eyebrow. So, carry a pair of tweezers in your bag for last-minute adjustments so you can be at your absolute best.

  • Eyelashes

If you have applied false eyelashes on top of mascara, putting an extra set with applicator glue would be a great idea. Many brands offer a lash extension kit with an applicator and glue set. Accidents do happen with lashes, so you won't regret carrying an extra pair. 

  • Hair clips and pins

Worried about your hair getting out of control? Carry extra hair grips and pins to solve problems of flyways getting off your way while you are having all the fun. As Boca Raton hair salon experts, we always ensure the hair remains intact throughout the evening. Still, as a precautionary measure, we recommend brides to carry a few.

Additional tips

  • Remember to relax a few days before the wedding so you don't have to deal with extra stress.

  • Run through the checklist a few days before so you know what is missing.

  • To be extra organised, pack extra pouches online to keep everything together- this way, you will be able to find things easily.

Lastly, stay hydrated as it is easy to get caught up during the day, tending to your family and guests. And remember to sit down for a meal if you can. Even if you can't find time for three courses, pack snacks to keep you fueled for the busy day ahead.

With this, we conclude the wedding day essentials you must carry in your bag to avoid last-minute hassles. Ladies, no matter how much you are organised, you may tend to forget one or a few things. So, prepare this checklist and ensure everything is packed before the day arrives. We hope this consolidated list we have prepared after years of experience as Boca Raton wedding makeup artists will help you. Remember, every little detail matters, so start early to make your planning process much less daunting. 

Finally, once your makeup bag is stocked with all the wedding day essentials, glow, and emergency products, you can now focus on doing the most important thing- savouring each joyful moment and getting on the dance floor. 

For more inspirational and informational articles, don't forget to read through our blogs. Also, don't forget to get in touch for wedding hair and makeup in Boca Raton. It will be our pleasure to help you with the looks and styling of your Boca Raton wedding the way you have always envisioned.

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