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Why Hire a Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist for your Big Day?

Updated: Jan 18

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All eyes (and high def cameras) will be on YOU, beautiful!

On your wedding day, you are making memories for a lifetime. How do those memories get preserved? A saved program or that frozen piece of cake in your freezer, yeah sure. But primarily in your wedding album, which will be full of pictures of YOU, the bride, as well as pictures posted all over Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for at least the next 24-48 hours. Ask yourself, will a DIY makeup and hair job really be the image you want to see hanging on the family walls for the rest of your life? With a professional makeup artist, you can rest assured that your beauty today will be preserved for your grandchildren for generations to come!

Correct those flaws, don’t just cover them!

Every woman has a scar, blemish, puffy bags, under-eye circles, or a tattoo they wish they could cover up at some point, Your wedding day is no exception. Properly correcting these flaws helps. They will be invisible both to the naked eye AND for those high def cameras. This takes more expertise and skill than just a tube of concealer and your fingertip! For this extra important day, please leave this to a pro. We are begging you!

Be stress-free on your wedding day.

Of all the reasons to hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding day, this may be the best reason. Your wedding day is absolutely guaranteed to be busy and will likely include a few unexpected challenges, (don't freak out, it will still be perfect). Don’t let your appearance be one of them! You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about what color lipstick you are going to wear while ensuring that your wedding vendors deliver on time.

Professional-grade products that last all night.

Like it or not, there is a big difference between drugstores, less expensive makeup, and hair products vs. professional products that have been engineered for specific applications. Since professional makeup artists apply cosmetics for a living and hairstylists test the quality of hair products every day, we have a kit stocked with high-quality products that are designed for wearability and flexibility. Not to mention, most artists endure years of professional training to keep up with the trends, techniques, and industry concerns. You simply can't put a price on experience or the luxury and intimacy of having them apply it and perfect it. It is, after all, what they live for - your beauty!

makeup kit

No pasty faces here!

Poorly matched foundation is the classic mistake in a DIY makeup job by someone who doesn't understand color theory. Imagine every one of your wedding pictures with your face several shades too light or just simply the WRONG color. Unfortunately, this is NOT a problem that your photographer can just Photoshop out! A professional makeup artist will properly match your skin’s depth of color and undertone, using proper methods to highlight and contour your face.

You want to look natural.

Professional makeup artists are pros at achieving the natural bridal beauty look without going overboard. Here are some tips leading up to your wedding day that can help you achieve that flawless look. Be sure to use moisturizer, foundation, and chapstick with SPF in the days leading up to your wedding. The last thing you want is to have red, blotchy, or peeling skin. If you are going to get any waxes or peels, schedule them a week in advance, They help play up your favorite features, like your cheekbones, your eyes, or your signature bold lip. This helps draw attention to what you love about yourself.

In those final hours before the ceremony do you want to be rushed or anxious about your makeup or hair?

Or would you rather be relaxed and pampered as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist that takes care of all the fine details for you? You can plan to relax and enjoy the day with your bridal party sipping mimosas, laughing the morning away in your robes, and listening to your favorite station on Pandora. Be kind to yourself and delegate that responsibility to the pros. You don't want to have to work on your wedding day, You are supposed to get pampered!

Application techniques.

The pros spend years studying tricks to emphasize a person’s best facial features while disguising other, less flattering ones just by applying makeup! Hairstylists have an in-depth knowledge of hair types and tendencies, scalp problems, and product benefits. If you want to really highlight your eyes for your wedding, your makeup artist can use special makeup techniques to make that happen without enhancing those dark circles. Want to pull off a bold lip color, but are afraid of transferring it onto your groom when it's time to kiss the bride? We got you, girl! We have specialized, professional lip products that will last all day, in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Scared of your hair flying away or falling due to heat? Yeah... we've got that covered too!

Ensuring perfection.

This is one of the most important pieces since the bulk of your day will be spent with people telling you to SMILE. Experienced makeup artists and hairstylists will sculpt your look using contouring techniques to add the illusion of depth in 2-dimensional photographs and in real life. You instantly turn into a 2-dimensional image instead of a 3-dimensional being when your photo is taken. If you choose to not use a makeup artist or hairstylist, you're likely to be a flat image in your captured memories. If you use a makeup artist that is not experienced or your makeup and hair are applied and styled improperly, you'll also appear flat and in some bad cases that we've seen - orange! Lastly, you don't want to appear shiny, gray, over, or underdone. Perfection is the key. You are perfect, right?

Product, product, product.

Like we mentioned above, beauty professionals use high-quality products that are blended with rigorous expertise. When you hire a makeup artist or hairstylist for your wedding, you won’t have to worry about your makeup wearing off during your wedding festivities or your hair falling from its form. There are special primers, setting sprays, and powders that your artist knows exactly how to apply to ensure complete bliss. Your groom may also be appreciative of all the extra work at the end of the day

A cohesive look.

It's amazing how many women will visually match their friends for Halloween, themed parties, even pajama parties, but when it comes to their wedding day - the one day everyone should look the same - they turn the other cheek. Think about the last wedding you attended (or even stood for) that had no beauty or dress direction, no orchestration, and no attention to detail. Though that may be the personality of the wedded couple, it certainly spells frustration for their guests and mixed feelings about their captured memories. If cost is a factor, skip the bachelorette party and treat your ladies to luxurious beauty. Nothing is more memorable than sitting back together in a bridal suite, sipping champagne, laughing, and letting the makeup and hair professionals unfold your beauty desires. Stress-free is the key and your entrance and impact on your guests will be memorable.

Trial pains.

We said it above, but it's a pain point for many. We've met brides that have paid in full for 3 or more trials and come to realize they were dealing with an amateur, or their sister's friend or aunt (who can do it for them) and walked away only spending more money on the right fit. Do a trial. Please! This relationship is an intimate one and takes discovery questions to make it perfect. Always, always have a makeup and hair trial. You'd hate to be orange from the chin up on your wedding day!

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