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Dreamy and Romantic Hair & Makeup Ideas For Your Tampa Wedding

Dreamy and Romantic Hair & Makeup Ideas For Your Tampa Wedding

Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day, but the bridal gown is not the only element that plays a crucial role here. Namely, hair and makeup are also significant elements in the overall look, so choosing your style wisely is a must. It is important that your bridal appearance match your attire as well as the theme of your celebration. Having your wedding hair and makeup in Tampa in sync will make your celebration complete and exactly how you imagine it!

However, choosing the hair and makeup for a wedding in Tampa, FL, is not the easiest because there are many options. Plus, it is a very important day for you, so the decision will not come lightly to you. So, getting some inspiration before booking your stylist can be beneficial. 

Below, we have included some marvellous and romantic ideas for wedding hair and makeup in Tampa you may like. They will help you find the look you strive to achieve and see what kind of modifications you can make.

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4 Romantic Hair and Makeup Ideas for Your Tampa Bridal Celebration  

Before we begin, you need to understand that not all hair and makeup for a wedding in Tampa, FL, will look good on you. You may see something you really like, but what works for one person does not mean it will work for you. You need to consider certain things before determining which style to go for. Nonetheless, some looks look amazing on every bride, with some alterations, of course. 

  1. Minimalist Beauty

You have probably heard that, in some cases, less is more, and that is the exact point with minimalist styles. If you are looking for simplicity and uniqueness, then a minimalist wedding hair and makeup in Tampa is exactly what you need. Plus, this is a look you cannot go wrong with - it looks good on everyone and goes with any celebration style. Whether you throw an elegantly dreamy or romantic contemporary wedding, the minimalist appearance will not disappoint you. 

You can go for a chic bun, a sleek ponytail, or a half-up, half-down style. Anything that does involve too many details and delicate touches will work. When it comes to bridal makeup in Tampa, you should opt for neutral shades and a touch of mascara. In addition, keep your overall makeup soft and go for nude lipstick. With this kind of look, you will enhance your natural beauty and keep your style elegant and romantic. The minimalist appearance is an excellent way to look sophisticated while keeping it simple. 

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  1. Classy and Elegant 

If the theme of your celebration is timeless elegance, then you need clean and classy wedding hair and makeup in Tampa. While the sophisticated look does not require a lot of extravagant features, it still needs refined and polished preparations regarding hair and makeup. An elegant look will look perfectly dreamy and romantic in whatever setting you choose for your wedding. 

When it comes to wedding hair in Tampa, you can go with a sophisticated and gentle updo or a low chignon. These hairstyles look amazing with classy bridal gowns. As for makeup, choose neutral eyeshadows and subtle blush. Complete the look with a sleek complexion and classy red lipstick. This appearance will match your elegant celebration perfectly, and you will achieve the perfect sync every union needs.

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  1. Romantic Glam 

If you want to combine glamour and romance, then you need the diva glow and glam. A glamorous appearance requires eye-catching features and sparkly elements. However, you do not want to overdo it because although it is a big event, remember that you will not perform a show. So, make sure to keep some limits on your hair and makeup for a wedding in Tampa, FL, to obtain the dreamy look you desire. 

You can choose voluminous curls or a style inspired by Hollywood stars. For bridal makeup in Tampa, go for smoky eyes and deep shades. Finish the appearance with defined eyebrows, a bold red or burgundy lip colour, and contoured cheekbones. When you try to obtain the glamorous style, you need to go with darker and stronger tones, but ensure to keep it to a minimum because too much will result in a distasteful look.

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  1. Retro Charm 

If you plan a vintage wedding with retro elements and details from a specific era, then including the same style in your appearance is a must. When you go for such a specific theme for a bridal celebration, it is absolutely necessary to match it with your wedding hair and makeup in Tampa. Generally, brides who decide on a vintage approach go for timeless gowns that need to be completed with the charms of the era they want to portray.

So, if this is the case with your wedding, you need to be careful with your hairstyle since it will be in the spotlight. You can go for retro waves since they best depict the vintage charm. Another, even more specific approach would be to go with victory rolls. However, you need to decide what your hair allows. For the makeup, you can go for vibrant red lipstick and a cat-eye makeup technique. Depending on the era you decide to include in your big day, you can choose the type of makeup you want to have on your celebration. 

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How to Choose a Hairstyle for The Big Day? 

Since not every style can look good on you, you should consider certain factors before making the final decision about your wedding hair and makeup in Tampa. Here are some points you should take into account and avoid making a mistake about your bridal style. 

  • Choose Your Bridal Attire First 

For a sleek and extraordinary look, everything needs to be in perfect sync. This means your hair and makeup should complement your bridal attire and create an ideal final image. So, before you choose your hairstyle and makeup look, make sure you have decided on your wedding gown. You will know exactly what will complete your appearance when you have the dress. For instance, your attire will determine whether you should have your hair up or down and whether your makeup needs to be subtle and neutral rather than deep and sparkly. If you do not make this combination right, you may end up with everything being a bit over the top. 

  • Consider Your Hair Colour 

Another important thing that will greatly influence your overall look is the colour of your hair. Namely, not all hair colours work well with different hairstyles. For one, natural brown hair looks great in a low bun and suits perfectly the minimalist style. On the other hand, highlighted hair is perfect for curls because it puts all those shades in a spotlight. Moreover, your hair's colour will determine your makeup's tones. In some cases, darker shades may look better, while in others, neutral hues will do the trick. 

  • Convenience 

While every bride wants sleek and perfect wedding hair and makeup in Tampa, you need to consider that your celebration is supposed to last a whole day. So, opting for a style that will be convenient besides being alluring is a must. For instance, going for a ponytail or a bun is a practical choice for a bridal celebration that begins in the early morning. Take into account that you will have to change at least two times on the big day, and you will have scheduled several photoshoots.  Your hair and makeup need to be in perfect condition at all times, especially if parts of your wedding happen outdoors. So, you will not want your hair to go all over your face all the time and ruin your overall look. 

How to Choose The Hair and Makeup Stylist for Your Tampa Wedding?

Once you begin looking for a wedding makeup artist in Tampa for the big day, you will see that you have numerous options. It is not easy choosing the person responsible for the most important day of your life because there might be many professionals offering similar services. However, if you look into several key points, you will find the one that will suit all your needs. 

  • Find a Stylist That Can Achieve The Style You Desire 

When you do your research, focus on the portfolios of the wedding makeup artists in Tampa. See what they have done and whether they can obtain the look you want for your celebration. Do not only rely on price or reviews. You cannot do anything with those things if the person in question cannot get you the desired appearance.

  • Communication Is Key 

When it comes to hair and makeup stylists, you need a professional that will listen to your needs. You do not want someone who ignores your wishes and decides what is best for you. You should listen to the recommendations of the stylist you choose, but ensure they listen to you as well when you explain what you want for your big day.

When you are unsure what to do with your wedding hair and makeup in Tampa, you can rely on our ideas here. We have listed the classic styles with which you cannot go wrong. Also, ensure to pick your wedding makeup artist in Tampa carefully because the person you choose will ensure you look stunning!

For more bridal tips, please check out our blog page.                    

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