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Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Ideas to Shine at Your Summer West Palm Beach, FL Wedding

Best Hair & Makeup Ideas For A Summer West Palm Beach, Florida Wedding

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A summer wedding is a dream come true for many couples. The season comes with a lot of advantages, such as open-air venues, scenic photography locations, and glorious weather for enjoying the celebration. However, the numerous options can often confuse brides about their hair and makeup style, so they turn to their wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida, for help.

A summer Palm Beach wedding will allow you to have everything from classy and elegant to contemporary and neutral. However, many brides also consider warm weather and overheating, which are important factors because you do not want your hair or makeup ruined in the middle of your celebration. Therefore, careful selection of appearance is essential to have a stress-free wedding. 

To make things easier for you, we have come up with several ideas that might help you decide. These summer wedding hairstyles and makeup come directly from brides so that they can serve you as a genuine inspiration. There is something for every taste, meaning you will find the style you like. You can also use these ideas as bases for your adjustments so your wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida, can achieve the look you’re striving for. 

Perfect Hair Ideas for a Wedding in Summer 

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Your summer wedding hairstyle needs to be perfect because you want to depict all that bridal beauty in your photographs. Moreover, you will want to feel comfortable throughout the whole day of festivities, so choosing the right style for your hair is essential. Here are a few magnificent ideas you may find useful for your bridal preparations. 

  1. Glam Waves 

Glamorous waves will never go out of style, and they are a perfect option for those who do not want a complicated hairstyle. It is a gorgeous way to look elegant and glorious without any ties or updos. Even though your hair will be all the way down, it is still away from the face, so your amazing summer wedding makeup look will be seen clearly. The best thing about glam waves is that they go with every type of wedding. 

Whether you are having a classic, timeless celebration or a modern beach celebration, you can be sure that your waves will give you a completely dreamy appearance. If you do not want traditional bridal hairstyles but still want to achieve the “wow” look, go for glamorous waves - you will not regret it! 

hollywood glam waves

  1. Twisted Half-Up 

Another way to keep your hair cascading down at your Palm Beach wedding is to opt for a twisted half-up hairstyle. This is a miraculous option for those who want to keep it simple with their look but also take care of the things that can be annoying at the actual celebration - hair going all over your face. With a twisted half-up, you get the front parts of your hair tied at the back, so they will not bother you at any time during your union. 

This is a great solution for summer weddings that take place the whole day in different outdoor locations. Changing scenery and temperatures can do a lot to your hair, but when it is tied back, you will not have any problems. Speaking of, you should note to your wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida, that you’re shooting in different locations. By doing so, they will use mattifying setting sprays, making your look remain untouched throughout the entire session.

twisted half up with pearls in the hair

  1. High Ponytail 

The best way to protect yourself from overheating and sweating is to have your hair tied all the way up. A high ponytail is a great option if you do not want anything extravagant. It will make you look glamorous and allow your face to be seen. You will not have to touch your hair at all during the wedding, so you will not have to worry about your makeup being ruined or part of your hair being all over your face while shooting bridal portraits. 

Moreover, you will feel comfortable when dancing and not be bothered about your hair getting sweaty and sticky on the dance floor. Take into account that your hair needs to look perfect throughout the whole day, not only for the ceremony or the wedding photo session. That said, a high ponytail is a magical solution for such an occasion. 

  1. Tousled Bun 

A tousled bun will keep your hair on point throughout your special day and make it photo-ready from every angle. It is a remarkable way to beat the heat at this time of year and a perfect way to make yourself feel comfortable throughout all the festivities going on at your Palm Beach wedding. Plus, a tousled bun looks amazing on every type of bride. Whether you go for elegance, timeless sensation, or modern dreaminess, you can be certain that this summer wedding hairstyle will complete your look. 

You should choose a tousled bun if you want to keep your hair all the way up but also if you want distinguished features of your attire to be seen. Many brides opt for this type of hairstyle when they want to accentuate their gowns and flaunt intricate details. Moreover, you will not have to pick sides when taking photographs because your hair will stay on point at all times. 

tousled bun

  1. Trendy Pony 

Brides who are about to have a modern wedding love this hairstyle. A trendy pony is a perfect hairstyle when you want to have something chic but also convenient. This hairstyle will keep your hair away from your face, prevent you from overheating, and make you look very stylish. Every contemporary bride loves this style because it gives a unique and fabulous vibe. 

If you are having a modern wedding celebration, you can count on a trendy pony to be your signature look. It is a perfect option for an outdoor union, especially one happening at the beach. 

trendy pony

Expert Makeup Tips for a Perfect Summer Wedding 

When it comes to summer makeup for a wedding, you will have a lot of options. This season is versatile, so you can go for whatever you want. However, you need to make sure to do everything you can to keep your makeup on point during the warm days, especially if your celebration happens outdoors. So, we have provided a few tips that will keep you in the loop and help you consider important bridal makeup details and features.

  • Mattifying Primer Is a Must

A summer wedding means warm weather and possible sweating. So, you would need something to keep away the shining, sweaty effect from your face - and the answer is a mattifying primer. Your wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida, will apply it before putting on the foundation, which will do wonders for your makeup and the overall bridal appearance. It will serve as a barrier between the foundation and your skin and will keep away the sweatiness and oils that can be produced from the summer heat. Plus, it is a perfect way to ensure your makeup stays on point the whole day. 

  • Opt for Classy Rather Than Trendy 

Many makeup trends are going around nowadays. However, they are more suitable for different kinds of party occasions but not weddings. A bridal celebration is supposed to be classy when it comes to appearances, no matter what kind of union you are having. In other words, go for summer wedding makeup, which looks suitable for such a special day, and ensure you do not overdo it. 

Keep the classics in mind - soft smokey eyes, fresh and light natural features, and classic red lips. Remember that when you make your bridal portraits, you create lifelong memories. This means that you do not want to end up regretting your look when you look at your photos 20 years from now. 

  • Go for Lashes 

You may not be a fan of full makeup daily, meaning lashes might be too much for you. However, on your wedding day, you need spectacular features that will put you in the spotlight. Moreover, you need something that will accentuate your facial features, and lashes can do that for you! You can go for faux lashes for one day - believe us, you will not regret your decision. 

bridal makeup artist

  • Use Bronzer for Majestic Bridal Glow

Everyone looks better in the summer with a tiny bit of bronzer. For a natural look, ask your wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida, to get bronzer on high points of your face where the sun would be shining: cheekbones, chin, nose, and forehead. This is a great way to obtain a natural glow without the sweaty shine and oily effect. A bronzer is your way to make your bridal appearance exquisite yet natural! 

  • Opt for Waterproof Products 

The most important thing for keeping your beautiful makeup in place is to use water-resistant and long-lasting products. We always recommend going for waterproof makeup because there is no other way to ensure your appearance stays amazing the whole day. Take into account that the warm days of summer can be enemies to your bridal look, no matter how beautiful they are. So, going for products that will help you keep your makeup on point is your best solution! 

While summer weddings are gorgeous, you need to consider the features that come with them. Warm days create an amazing setting, but you need to be careful with your look when it comes to hair and makeup. The choices you make for your appearance will contribute to the success of your bridal celebration, so choose wisely! If you’re feeling stumped or uninspired, turn to your wedding makeup artist in West Palm Beach, Florida - they’ll know exactly what to do!

For more bridal advice, visit our blog page.      

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