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Hottest Florida bridal makeup trends in 2023

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

New year – new wedding makeup trends! We have gathered some of the hottest looks in bridal makeup that will take on weddings by storm! Where last year focused on romantic and neutral color palettes, This new year is all about enhancing your natural features with a dash of drama! With that said, are you ready to discover what popular styles and techniques are trending on South Florida and Central Florida's brides Pinterest boards in 2023? Read on to learn the specific features, colors, products, and looks that are in full fashion for the current year!

What to expect of 2023 bridal makeup trends?

In 2023, there will be a trend leaning towards both natural and glamorous wedding makeup looks. The natural looks will focus on enhancing the bride's natural features and creating a fresh, radiant appearance, while the glamorous looks will likely involve bolder, more dramatic makeup features. The overall trend is expected to combine these two approaches, focusing on emphasizing the bride’s natural features and boosting them for a fresh, healthy appearance. Think, old Hollywood glamour.

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How do 2023 bridal makeup trends differ from the bridal makeup trends in 2022?

The main trends in bridal makeup for 2022 were natural and dewy looks with an emphasis on glowing skin, neutral eyeshadow shades, pale-blush lips, and enhancing natural features. These natural wedding makeup trends are expected to continue into 2023, with the addition of rosy cheeks, soft eyebrows, and a return of bold lip colors that will surely create a statement on our Florida brides!

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In 2022, Lustre Chic saw a shift away from heavier, matte makeup looks towards fresh, natural looks, which will continue in the current year. Lip colors in the previous year were mainly neutral. However, 2023 is all about dazzling with bold shades! The emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows is expected to continue, as well as the use of illuminating products to add dimension to the skin.

The trend for 2023 will be a mix of natural and glam looks, focusing on dramatic glam details to intensify the beautiful bride's natural features.

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Natural wedding makeup is timeless!

Natural wedding makeup is timeless and long-lasting, in comparison to most other bridal makeup trends that are short-lived and specific to a particular period. You always want to make sure you factor in your hair color, eye color, and natural features, and feel free to ask your professional bridal makeup artist at Lustre Chic for advice when making the right decision for your unique color palette.

The top 5 wedding makeup features for 2023

  • Dewy, glowy skin and a "no makeup" look, are achieved by using cream products with a luminous finish to make the skin look radiant and naturally dewy.

  • Fluffy, brushed-up eyebrows, are achieved with brow lamination, soap, or gel and a subtle color filling in any gaps.

  • Fox eyes, a soft, thin wing just on the outer corners of the eyes to create the appearance of long, pointed eyes.

  • Fluffy false lashes, which can be individual lashes for a customized look or a full set to fill the whole lash bed.

  • Cream blush, adds luminosity to the skin and gives the face a radiant feel while lifting the cheekbones and adding a healthy glow.

If you are looking for a professional Florida makeup artist that specializes in Bridal makeup, contact us today to schedule your bridal trial! Get a trusted professional to personalize the bridal makeup trends for your appearance on your wedding day.

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