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Modern romantic wedding hairstyle trends in 2023

Wedding hairstyles, like all other aspects of a wedding, can vary from year to year. It's important to choose a hairstyle that works well with your dress, face shape, and personal style. However, there’s no shame in hopping on to trends! On the contrary, it creates the basis for a modern and sophisticated look! With that said, consider 2024 wedding hairstyle trends when searching for inspiration for your wedding hairstyle. The rising trend of romantic wedding hairstyles from last year is here to stay in 2024! Here are some of the modern romantic wedding hairstyle trends in 2024 that will surely be a hit.

The fairytale ponytail

Consider a ponytail if you have long hair and want to try something a little different for your wedding. It is effortlessly elegant and chic, and breathtaking accessories can easily fit in. You can dress it up by adding a half-up style or tying it in a bow or with a scarf. If you have shoulder-length hair and want a longer ponytail, it is a special occasion to experiment with extensions to achieve the desired length. Simply put, curls in ponytails are among the top 2024 wedding hair trends!  

bridal pony

Loose braids for gorgeous brides!

Braids are a stylish and popular choice for wedding hairstyles in 2024. There are many ways of styling them, which is why they’re recurring entries in 2024 wedding trends. Additionally, they perfectly complement the modern bridal look! To achieve the whimsical effect of romantic wedding hairstyles with the help of braids, look for French braids, loosely braided crowns, or half-up half-down styles. Braids are also a great option for beach weddings and can be decorated with accessories like seashells, tiaras, and clips, or if you’re opting for a more romantic and bohemian look - loose tendrils and flowers.

braided updo

The thin hair updo magic

Modern wedding hairstyles such as textured updos are all the rave among 2024 wedding hair trends. Try a loose and airy French twist if you want an updo for your wedding but have thin hair. This classic hairstyle looks simply effortless and adds a touch of texture to your updo. You can even let a few tendrils fall out for a slightly messy look! Adding a hair accessory can greatly elevate this specific hairstyle - consider a sparkly hair clip, a delicate headband, or a veil for a traditional touch.

thin hair updo

The perks of  romantic wedding hairstyles

There are a few important things to consider about a bridal hairdo and choosing modern wedding hairstyles. The style should complement your wedding dress and overall look. Your hairstyle should be in line with the theme and style of the wedding. It should also be comfortable to wear for an extended period during which you will dance and have the time of your life. Romantic hairstyles are also practical even if the wedding is outdoors on a hot and humid day!

Most importantly, does a romantic hairdo make you feel confident and beautiful? Certain hairstyles might be at the top of 2024 wedding hair trends, but what we always aim to see in the trials of our brides is that you are choosing a hairstyle that you love and feel your best with. If you need a Florida bridal hairstylist, contact us for further advice, and let us help you create your ideal look!

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