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The Best Curly Bridal Hairstyles in Miami from our Hairstylists

The Best Curly Bridal Hairstyles

When it comes to planning the most important day of your life, there are just so many things you need to take care of. From bridal attire and decor to venue, catering, and invitations - the list is endless!  But another aspect is often neglected by brides, yet of utmost importance. If you haven't guessed it already, we are talking about choosing the perfect bridal hairstylist in Miami, especially if you’re a curly-haired bride.

Curly-haired brides often think there are just a few ways to style their curls, and showing them off seems scary. But it's time to break out of this mindset. With a little pre-wedding hair care and choosing the right curly bridal hairstyles, your hair can look amazingly gorgeous.  If you don't have much know-how or find it difficult to assemble a cohesive look, we are here to help you. 

As bridal hairstylists in Miami, we have rounded up several hairstyles that perfectly suit popular necklines and go well with most of them.

  • Rolled Bun

Rolled bun is the perfect twist to the good old bun. We think this twist and roll pattern provides a lot of dimension and texture to the otherwise simple curly bridal hairstyle. Adding a few gold or silver floral hair pins or flowers can give this bun a more contemporary vibe.

miami hairstylist

  • Braided half up and half down

Looking to flaunt your gorgeous curls but still want to keep them neat and edgy? Here’s another style where you can braid your hair in two directions. Your bridal hairstylist in Miami can curl the hair from the midsection down, pull it loosely, and flow waves at the crown of your head. The Dutch braided front evokes elegance, and a minimally ornate broach can help tie everything gracefully. 

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  • Messy updo

The best thing about curly hair is that it has all-natural texture and volume. So you can recreate the voluminous messy updo by smartly playing to the hair strength. The messy textured front, pinned-up hair towards the side, and loose fringes give a gorgeous look. It is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your Miami wedding. Plus, the look is timeless and sophisticated and can suit any bride, whether you opt for royalty-inspired opulence or something more daring.

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  • Messy Braided hairstyle

Messy braids are back and are quite popular amongst brides, allowing them to express their style while still looking gorgeous. It doesn't matter whether you opt for a simple, classic, or French braid - your bridal hairstylist in Miami can tailor it to suit your taste and personality. The best part? This unique hairdo lets you be rather creative, granting you the opportunity to experiment in any way you want. Also, it is easy to do it all by yourself. However, we recommend getting help from an expert stylist to create worthy results on the big day.

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  • Loose boho vibes

If you are looking for wedding hair in Miami, Florida, for an outdoor celebration or beach party, then this is one hairstyle we are totally in love with. The perfect-looking curls can be tied in an almost undone loose ponytail to flaunt your curls without dealing with natural volume. As the hair is tied at the bottom but is still loose, it looks a lot more elegant and beautiful.

miami hairstylist

  • Twisted Bun and Accessories

For a beautiful, enchanting, curly bridal hairstyle,  we recommend brides opt for an accessories-adorned twisted bun. It is a unique, classic hair updo, giving brides a timeless and elegant look. The hairstyle can be accessorised using fresh flowers or glittering gems to make it more appealing. The best part about it is that it looks wonderful even on short, curly hair. Your bridal hairstylist in Miami can easily transform the loose waves into stylish coils using professional styling products and let them stay up all night comfortably. Trust us: the hairstyle will make your guest swoon over your amazing look the moment you walk down the aisle before exchanging vows.

miami hairstylist

  • Simple accessory hairstyle

Are you seeking simplistic elegance for your Miami wedding? Look no further than a curly hair wedding hairdo. The loose, curly waves can be highlighted using beautiful flowers, veils, jewellery, or other accessories. This soft yet dramatic look is an effortless way to glam up the evening.

miami hairstylist

  • Versatile tight curls for short hair

If you are looking for a clean and sophisticated look, this versatile hairstyle for short curls lets you easily stand out from the classic, traditional straight style. To compliment the look, you can accessorise it with flowers or jewellery. So, all those brides who have short hair and are worried about Miami wedding hair and makeup can relax, as there are many creative opportunities.

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  • Gorgeous hair updo with fresh crown of flowers

How about the idea of adorning your gorgeous hair with a crown of fresh flowers? The style we are mentioning goes well with the rustic, boho-themed, or beach wedding party. It works well with the curly hair by creating an enchanting fairytale look.

miami hairstylist

  • Eye-catching and Curly Pony

Do you have long, curly hair? Then this hairstyle is for you! The timeless hairstyle is elegant and is ideal for formal occasions such as your wedding ceremony. Getting a high updo doesn’t just add volume but also makes you look stylish and classic. Trust us, no one will be able to take their eyes off you as you gracefully walk down the aisle wearing it with confidence.

miami hairstylist

  • Simple and gorgeous bun

This curly bridal hairstyle features large, full curls and a high bun to give brides an elegant yet modern feel. Whatever the length of your curls, this hairstyle is a timeless choice for the big day, which can be achieved easily with minimal products. 

miami hairstylist

  • Braided hair and bun 

If you are not too fond of braids, why not opt for a do that sees braided hair wrap the top of a low-hanging bun? It is a really nice twist and is popular amongst modern brides, making them stand out even more. In this whimsical wedding updo, the amount of effort and level of skills required is unreliable. You can add foliage making it perfect for a rustic outdoor setting wedding.

miami hairstylist

  • Boho updo with full flower crown

This style is great for a summer wedding theme and brings a flower crown all the way around the head, resting just above a low-hanging bun. The style is pretty beautiful, and the curls at the front help shape the face in a gorgeous and flattering way.

miami hairstylist

  • Reverse Braids

A stunning and eye-catching hairstyle for modern brides is the reverse braid,  giving curly hair an elegant and graceful look. With this stylish hairstyle, you can easily steal the show. To create reverse braids, your bridal hairstylist in Miami can start with three strands near each hair and then cross them over one another until they reach far back on either side of the head. Finally, they are secured with hair clips or bobby pins to add texture at the tip. Trust us, the result would truly be captivating for achieving picture-perfect photos for the big day.

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Expert Tips

Here are a few additional tips to help you save from the heartbreak on the big day.

  • Always use gentle and eco-friendly products on your hair. Try using products that are free from any chemicals and help maintain your hair's natural oils.

  • Stay away from heat as it damages your hair. So try avoiding exposure to the straightener, hairdryer, or other products.

  • Do not wash your hair every day; just twice or thrice is enough.

With so many curly bridal hairstyles, there is definitely a perfect hairstyle for every bride out there! However, before choosing a hairstyle, firstly, you should decide whether you want hair up or down. Then, you should consider the theme and season of the wedding, as it will help narrow down your search. After this, you may consider the smaller and finer details, such as  a veil or accessories. 

You should discuss these things at the wedding hair trial, which we would highly advise, especially if you are not sure of what you want. We recommend you consider your unique style and then move over to thinking about the overall style of your dress and the theme of the wedding. Finally, don't forget to consider the length of your hair and whether the look you want is achievable or not. You can always use hair extensions when needed, but if you want to keep your natural look, speak to the bridal hairstylist in Miami, and they can help you.

Whether you are looking for something simple or extravagant, just be sure to be confident. We hope our blog will help you explore curly bridal hairstyles for the big day. With this list we have shared, you will surely be on your way to achieving the perfect wedding day look!

Did you find our ideas helpful? For more inspiring and informational content, head to our blog page.

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