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The 'Wedding Chop' - What Is It And How Can You Can Achieve It.

Updated: Jan 7

The 'Wedding Chop' - What Is It And How Can You Can Achieve It with your Wedding hair stylist?

The most awaited part of the wedding, when all eyes are set on a specific moment, is when the bride makes a big entrance. To up the excitement and turn heads, many brides often opt for a dress change between the ceremony and reception. Some brides even turn to their wedding hairstylists and go for a drastic change, one that is definitely bound to make jaws drop. Now, a popular trend is catching up amongst modern brides- the wedding chop! Let's have a look and understand more about its rising popularity.

Wedding chop trend

Wedding Chops

Brides walking down the aisle has been a long part of the wedding tradition. Some choose to extend wow factors by surprising their guests with a change in their style. For example- changing up the hair into loose waves or a ponytail or adding unique accessories. However, a few are upping the ante yet again with wedding chop. 

If you search wedding chops online, you will notice hundreds of brides getting a haircut into a bob or something else mid-wedding. Typically, brides continue to grow out their hair following a healthy routine leading on to the big day.

Quite simply, the wedding chop trend involves brides having a surprise haircut in the middle of the celebration by their wedding hairstylist. This daring beauty move is one that definitely makes a huge statement. So, whether you want to make a bold move to your already gorgeous look or just simply want to switch up your hair, this trend will surely leave your guests talking and swooning over your style. To keep up with it, brides initially spend months growing their hair out for the big day and are ready for the huge change when the day arrives.

Reasons to Opt for the Popular Trend

Here are a few other reasons why brides love this amazing wedding chop trend with a wedding hair stylist in Jupiter, FL:

  • You are not committed to one look

The best part of the wedding chop is that you are not required to stay committed to one look. Every day, brides see a lot of inspiring information on Instagram, Facebook, and more and are inspired to try something exciting for the big day. However, they aren't able to step up just because it's easier and safer with only one thing. But for any brides who want to fulfil their desires while keeping their parents or grandparents happy, this is the best way to please both of you. Opt for a polished and refined look for the ceremony and something crazier for the reception - your wedding hairstylist in Jupiter, FL, will know just the looks for you!

  • Turn up your first look

This trend is popular for first looks and makes them even more special! Not only is your partner seeing you for the first time as a bride, but he is also getting to see your free-spirited side. The first look, where brides look supremely gorgeous in beautiful white gowns, is amazing, but the one where a bride debuts a new haircut is even better and beyond words.

  • Pioneers of the new change

A dress reveal is not as impactful as a new hairdo. With that, the wedding chop is the game changer, going beyond the bride taking her veil off and switching up to a new cut with gorgeous accessories. For example, going from long hair to short hair or a pixie is a huge leap and shows your severely adventurous spirit. In turn, it makes you own the limelight and be your own diva.

  • Uninterrupted wedding bliss.

It's your wedding, and without saying, we know the stress levels would be too high. The big day is here, all planning is over, and though it is time to relax and enjoy the day, inevitable stress somehow finds its way. So, having something to stop to sip or enjoy while you are getting clipped is known to have therapeutic effects. While your wedding hairstylist in Jupiter, FL, is getting the haircut done, you can relax, chit-chat, and just have fun. Trust us, even with a haircut, your mood can improve exponentially after looking into the mirror and appreciating your gorgeous new self.

  • Photos to convey so many stories

Do you know the best wedding photos are the candid ones where the photographer gets to capture your true spirit? They capture the magic and happiness felt in a moment- between the couple, the bride, and her besties and even when you are ready for the big change. So, when you are looking through your photos, you are transported back to the excitement you felt just before your wedding hairstylist in Jupiter, FL, held the scissors to chop off your tresses. Imagine the moment you share it with your kids, expressing how cool you were on the wedding day and showing them how exactly it all went down.

Before you are ready to take the plunge into this emerging trend, here are a few things you must consider-

  • Choose your cut wisely

Don't think that you will simply have to get a haircut and it is done. Why? Because wedding chops require careful planning, it is essential to consider what kind of haircut you want or what look would look beautiful as per your personality. Talk to your stylist at the Jupiter, FL, hair salon in advance about your preferred look. Before that, ask yourself if you want a drastic, dramatic look like a bob or something more elegant or subtle. Typically, we recommend considering a style you are already familiar with and have experimented with before, thus ensuring you will be happy with the results.

  • Plan ahead

Once you have finalised the haircut, you will need to plan out when and where you should get it done. Don't forget to add it to your timelines because, obviously, you will need to take a break from your guest for at least 30-40 minutes or up to an hour. While many brides choose to take a break between the ceremony and reception, you can also plan it around mealtime or before cutting off the cake. Just ensure to inform your wedding hairstylist in Jupiter, FL ahead of time so they are all prepared to do all the magic.

  • Choose an expert stylist

It's your wedding, the most important day of your life, when all eyes are set on you. So why take a chance with an inexperienced professional who is not well-versed in your preferences and style? We, therefore, recommend brides choose professional Jupiter, FL, wedding hairstyling they can trust and are experienced in executing their vision. Hire a professional familiar with bridal styling and, most importantly, wedding chop trends. You can talk to them about your ideas and have an idea about the time required to implement them on the wedding day.

  • Accessories

We agree that a haircut is a grand statement, but that doesn't mean you cannot experiment with glitz and glamour. For example, bows are in trend and look great with bob sparkling clips or a hair band to finish off the overall look.

  • The Big Reveal

Wedding chops are all about big reveals, so ensure you are camera-ready and have your bridal party and guests ready to share in the excitement, joy, and happiness. Don't forget to prepare your photographer and videographer for the big reveal and capture the reaction of all the guests, especially your spouse. In addition, opt for a haircut that can easily be done in under 30 minutes so it doesn't mess up your whole schedule. We suggest keeping the style relatively simple if a mid-wedding chop is on your mind. It will help you stay on schedule and won't make you feel as if the hairstyle is taking over your day. You can have a rough idea of your schedule so the hairstylist can determine if the requested haircut can be included in the planned timelines.

The wedding chop is the best way to add personal touch and uniqueness to your bridal look. Ideally, hair trials are not for everyone. Therefore, many brides are not able to book trials for one or the other personal reasons such as logistics, lack of time, etc. It is entirely a personal decision and depends on the circumstances and what you feel comfortable with. 

If you are planning a local wedding, you can request your wedding hairstylist in Jupiter, FL, to help you with the trial, as they will have a good understanding of the hair and face type as well as your vision. However, your hairstyle is really important if you have planned a destination wedding. Therefore, consider choosing a less complex one for peace of mind. Perhaps it could be loose curls or a bob to suit the occasion. So go ahead, plan carefully, and get ready to make a statement on the big day.

We hope by now you have clarity on the rage about the wedding chop. If you are looking to experiment with the same, prepare well and choose a stylist you are comfortable with. Also, don't forget to read through our blogs for inspiring and informational content.

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