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These are the wedding makeup mistakes to avoid

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hello, beautiful bride-to-be! Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you deserve to feel and look your absolute best. Even with all that meticulous planning, you’re bound to stumble upon a few mishaps here and there. And your look is no exception! We’ve all been there where we make a certain error with our makeup, and we feel like it’s the end of the world! Imagine the stress if this happens on your wedding day! For that reason, it’s best to be well-informed and prepared. That's why it's important to hire a professional bridal makeup artist and avoid these 10 makeup mistakes:

  • Wearing the wrong color of foundation. Finding the perfect foundation match for your skin tone is essential for a flawless, natural look. You need to avoid going too light or too dark, If you were doing your makeup yourself you would want to to start testing out foundations about 3 months before your big day. If you intend to tan or go on a sunny holiday before your wedding day, consider that when choosing your shade of foundation. Don’t forget the neck as well, since it’s usually overlooked!

wedding makeup mistakes

  • Forgetting to use waterproof mascara. Even if it is not a beach wedding, emotions will run high on your nuptials, so it's important to protect your makeup with a waterproof formula. Don’t let tears ruin your bridal makeup, even if they’re happy ones!

bridal makeup

  • Skipping exfoliation before applying lipstick. This may not be something you often do, but forgetting to exfoliate is a terrible makeup mistake. Smooth, soft lips are a must for a perfect pout. Use a sugar scrub and toothbrush to exfoliate, and follow up with a moisturizing lip mask the night before your wedding. Lip skin regenerates within 24 hours, so you are safe.

  • Applying blush like a doll. Rosy cheeks are beautiful, but professional makeup artists will be sure to blend and choose a shade that isn't too dark or too bright.

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  • Neglecting moisturization. Dry, flaky skin is a strict no every day, especially for your wedding day! Use a face mask a few days before the big day, and follow up with face oil and lotion on the day of the nuptials. However, don’t test any new products, as they may cause irritation. Stick to your usual skin routine, and you’re good to go!

  • Wearing eyeshadow in unnatural colors. While a bold eyeshadow look can be fun for a night out, it's best to stick with a natural color scheme like browns, tans, creams, and taupe's for your wedding.

  • Hiring an amateur makeup artist should be higher on the list of makeup mistakes to avoid Your "friend who's great with makeup" may not be the best choice for your wedding day. Opt for a professional makeup artist to ensure you get your desired look!

  • Forgetting to protect your face when putting on your dress. Always, if possible, step into your dress. If your dress needs to go over your head, Put your arms straight up and cover your face as much as possible and have two other people place the dress over you. Always wear a button-down or zip-up shirt when doing your hair and makeup.

  • Not having oil blotting sheets with you. Keep your skin looking matte and fresh throughout the day with oil-blotting sheets that can fit in your purse. The last thing you want is a shiny forehead on your stellar wedding pictures! After you blot the oil, you can dust your skin with translucent powder to get rid of any remaining shine.

  • Skimping on concealer is one of those makeup mistakes that is like a double-edged sword. Dark circles under your eyes are never good, so don't be afraid to use enough concealer to brighten up your complexion. But be careful not to overuse it since you may end up with a “cakey” look.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to achieving the perfect wedding day look! Contact us if you need a Florida makeup artist to spare you from any makeup mistakes.

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