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To Dye or Not To Dye - Tips On Colouring Your Wedding Hair from Your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Hair Stylist

To Dye or Not To Dye - Tips On Colouring Your Wedding Hair from your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Hair Stylist

Every bride wants to strive towards a dazzling look for the wedding that will sweep everyone’s feet (not just the spouse-to-be). But as you all know, beauty takes time. To get to the big day looking as bright and shining as ever, taking care of it months before is essential. And that goes for all bridal elements: your wedding dress will require months of fittings and preparations, just like your skin will need some special care in the previous months (a beauty sleep before the wedding day will do the trick, but it won’t cut it). The same rule applies to having a perfect bridal hairstyle. In other words, you need to be extra careful with your choice of a Fort Lauderdale wedding hairstylist, as they’re responsible for bringing your look to perfection!

Fort Lauderdale wedding hairstylist

Your hair will be the crown of the look at your Fort Lauderdale wedding. It will boost your overall ensemble and complement your face. So it is a good idea to think about it meticulously and have some sort of vision before the W-day. Even more so if you are planning some drastic changes like colouring your hair – which you do not do on the spur of the moment. You should have a million things in mind if you want to go in that direction.

Today is your lucky day because we have all the nuts and bolts to colour your hair before the big day. Consider these Fort Lauderdale wedding hairstylist tips before reaching a final decision – to dye or not to dye.

Have a clear image of what look you want to achieve

You can’t just show up at your Fort Lauderdale hair salon and say, ‘Do whatever you want with it’! The first step is to have a vision of your final look. Research well and be prepared for all the questions you will answer in your appointment. Although your Fort Lauderdale wedding hairstylists will indeed help you a lot in the area of what’s doable and what’s not, you have to show at least a picture or two of what you are striving for and go from there. After all, this is a big step to take before such an important day.

Choose someone you trust

The radical change of dying your hair before the wedding must come from the hands of someone you fully trust. We advise you not to experiment with different hairdressers and opt for someone who already knows your preferences and hair type. If you really want to try out the hair colourist in Fort Lauderdale who supposedly does magic, go for a consultation to discuss your ultimate goal. You will instantly feel whether you click or not. Mind their body language, dedication, and openness to your desires. Find a hairstylist who is paying full attention and is ready to go above and beyond to get you the hair colour you want.

Schedule in advance

Once you are sure what you want to do with it and have set your heart on a certain Fort Lauderdale wedding hair stylist, you have to schedule an appointment and do that at least 15 days before the big celebration. Why? Well, believe it or not, the journey to the perfect hair colour is a slow process that will take three sessions to achieve the tone you like. The first session will change the colour by around 90%, so you will need the second session to do the rest of the 10%. The third visit is the last touch-up before your Fort Lauderdale wedding when additional treatments are made, like for that extra shine and hydration.

Remember this: the slower the process of hair colour change, the lower the level of damage. Sudden and radical transformation may leave your hair looking dry and lifeless. We know you all want to have that wow look and surprise everyone looking new and improved, but sometimes that can leave consequences that will take quite a while to amend. At the end of the day, as significant as it is, a wedding is a one-time thing, and you have to wear that hair for the rest of your life.

As a team of Fort Lauderdale wedding hair stylists, we tend to do colour changes at least two weeks before the celebration to give the hair the time to adapt and blend well with the natural shade. It is the period required to avoid oxidization, so the tone seals perfectly.

Follow your natural skin tone

Whatever your goal is, the secret of the perfect hair colour is the natural tone of the skin that will complement your full look. Darker shades like blue-black, mahogany, and strawberry blond are quite versatile, but they tend to make your skin appear lighter and cooler than it actually is. If you have a darker complexion, this is your go-to look, as it will harmonise with your skin tone without looking like a ghost. On the other hand, light hair tones such as chocolate, blond, and pearl can give you a lot of luminosity. They are particularly harmonious with fair skin tones, highlighting the cheekbones and the lips. 

Although this is the symbolic look of classic and simple brides, there are always the avant-garde types and even romantic or bohemian brides looking for a little variety in their style. They can opt for bright tones or colours that, according to the rules, do not complement their tones of skin. If you are having trouble deciding, consult your chosen hairdresser in Fort Lauderdale, as they have the experience and expertise to tell you how to personalise your natural reflection.

Don’t go to the extreme

The top Fort Lauderdale wedding hairstylist advice you can get is to forget about making big changes for your wedding day. It is enough of a novelty to appear in a glamorous bridal outfit for you to 'dress up' instead of changing your hair radically. It is best if you choose to go up or down a couple of tones and avoid taking some striking turns. This rule especially applies if you have never dyed your hair before or even had highlights. Bridal hair and makeup looks usually strive toward naturalness and elegance on a day when the dress will already make you stand out.

Ask your hair colourist in Fort Lauderdale to try different colouring effects instead. There are so many types of dying your hair that can intensify your texture and depth. Techniques such as balayage, ombré, or flamboyage, as a mixture of both, can give you that natural, freshened-up look.

Cut first, colour later

Before applying dye to your hair, you have to pay a visit to your Fort Lauderdale wedding hair stylist to make the wanted (or necessary) cut. Fresh haircuts are an essential part of a healthy and glowing wedding look. Remove the split and dried-out ends that will entirely ruin your hairstyle and give out a dull and neglected appearance right when you need to look as fabulous as possible.

Not only that! Imagine having the most dreamy ombre, perfectly highlighting the tips of your hair, and deciding later to go and have a haircut. That means all that beauty will end up on the Fort Lauderdale hair salon’s floor, along with all of your money given to achieve that look. You will have to start the highlight process all over again, which will cost you another fortune, more time spent in the hairdresser’s chair, and, eventually, more unnecessary damage to your hair.

Care for your hair

The entire process of changing your hair will have to go through when dying will require some special home care. Fill up your bathroom cabin with high-quality products that will lessen the damage and stress and will instead make your look last longer, be healthier, and more radiant.

Colour-preserving shampoos are the number one product you must apply to prevent the hair cuticles from opening up, which will cause your achieved shade to decolourise and fade. A hair conditioner or a mask is also a must to achieve shine and smoothness and boost the hydration that will be dropped after dying. Consult with your hairdresser in Fort Lauderdale about what products to incorporate into your routine after the process to give your hair the proper nourishment.

Be yourself

The most important thing when choosing a hair colour is staying true to your personality. Consider that you will not only wear it during the wedding – the photos will immortalise every moment and look and remain eternal. Therefore, choosing a colour that makes you feel comfortable and confident so you can look at those photos with pride and joy is crucial.

Knowing how to choose the hair colour for the wedding will make your natural features stand out better. Doing it correctly will allow you to reach a tone that emphasises your natural beauty and skin tone without causing too much damage. Plan all the details well to make your results last longer and stay healthier. Always count on the help of a professional Fort Lauderdale wedding hair stylist who gives his opinion and advice on everything you need. Don’t forget to choose the makeup that complements the effect that will make you look like a goddess on your wedding day. That's the way to the look of your dreams!

Read more blogs to discover all essential tips and tricks about hair and makeup for your big day and find inspiration for a look that will leave anyone speechless.

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